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Easy shopping (rc) makes shopping easier by deciding what is a good product by using state-of-the-art digital algorithms on large amounts of product data available online.


Huge review database

It's impossible to read all the product reviews available online for your product. Reviews Coach does that for you! Effortlessly and tirelessly.


Top sellers

Reviews Coach provides products from the biggest online marketplaces and updates information here on website 24/7.


Buy with ease!

Shopping on is a very simple process saving you time. Just choose or search for product category and coach will show you best that he has!

Rating algorithms

Rating score gives you a good idea about the products' quality and Reviews Coach is all about quality. Score is calculated by many factors such as positivity of the comments, user activity and positivity in the product reviews, marketplace own rating, quantity of user submitted positive pictures, sellers' competence and activity, and many more. You may also find labels such as "Best value" - meaning the product is cheapest in its' category and "Top product" - meaning the the product is best of its' kind. Look for these labels in Top 10 sections!

About coach

It is simply the best place to shop. Simple to find what you need, easy to choose from using product previews and accurate descriptions, 1 click to go to the marketplace itself and make the order. Every product, product category and all of the subcategories are constantly updated following current trends in such areas like technology, clothing, and more. The list of products grows bigger everyday.

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